The Start-up Challenge

A joint event by Volkswagen and Siemens PLM Software. Bringing start-ups from all over the world together with Volkswagen experts, to work on existing challenges in the manufacturing space. Successful and innovative solutions will then be considered for collaboration with development teams from Siemens PLM software.

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Digital assistant for manufacturing engineers

Bring the digital assistant into the day-to-day of a Volkswagen manufacturing engineer. How could a digital assistant help an engineer plan a new assembly line?

Use speech, AR/VR, chat-bots or any other technology according to your assessment, to design a digital assistant to help improve manufacturing engineering work processes.

Master the maze of automotive factories

The VW factory in Wolfsburg is huge covering close to 6,500,000 m2. Valuable equipment can often get lost or lost track of as it gets moved between different sectors in the factory.

Use IoT or any other technologies you wish to design an application to help Volkswagen employees keep track of valuable equipment inside the factory.

Visualize the VW factory from afar

VW has many factories all over the world. How to best visualize a remote factory site to help take important decisions from a distance?

Use AR/VR or any other technologies you wish to design an application to help Volkswagen employees get oriented.

To familiarize yourself with the VW world, please refer to the following:


UWINLOC has transformed the way Industrial Operators search for assets indoors, by developing the world’s first battery-less tag for Manufacturing, Automobile, and Aerospace industries.

Cognigy has developed an enterprise software platform called COGNIGY.AI to build, deploy and manage conversational AIs on any conversational channel.

Xesto is a machine learning startup focused on prototyping and developing touchless gesture interaction across platforms. Xesto's toolkit enables easy, quick and reliable interaction, minimizing in-house R&D efforts.

The DEAR Platform from DataEgg delivers automated Augmented Reality content for industrial applications; Integrated with DART (DataEgg AR Tracker), the tracking of assets combined with location based services provides a level of contextual awareness unsurpassed in Industry today.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker is a tracking solution for movable assets, materials or tools. Our technology is based on smart device technology, wireless infra and battery-operated beacons which enable scalable tracking system globally without pre-built infrastructure.

GESTALT Robotics is an innovative service provider for tailored software and solution development in the domains of industrial automation and robotics. The company serves the ever-increasing demand for flexible automation solutions with the mission to enable machine intelligence and smart assistance.


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  • July 3rd

    Event starts

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